Never Forget How Much They’re Not Thinking About You

Whats At Stake — Indivisible

Large or small, I see each social good org make the same mistake — we let our audience forget about us. Again and again and again.

If we take our cues from the best of brand marketers we can build a field that can support a mass movement with the depth to drive lasting change.

How do we do we make sure they are thinking about us?

  • For CTA’s
  • for reports
  • for explainers
  • for fundraising.

If we are going to grow our user base, reach different verticals, continue to grow our movement rather than sustain our current user base, we have to use all the tools at our disposal.

Where to start?

  • Commit to posting a video at least once a week. Ideally across multiple verticals.
  • Don’t send a newsletter out without a link to a video.
  • Augment your video with social graphics, memes, and pictures.
Secret Weapon- Swing Left



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